First Performance: How It All Began

Recently, The Other Year…We came up with an idea to perform in our school’s teachers day performance. We’re in seventh standard back then. So we had to struggle very hard to get a chance. We would practice Day and night till we got perfection. At last the day came for selections….I remember my guitar broke down just before the selection. I had to borrow the guitar from someone else. Luckily, We gave a great performance in our selection and we got selected and same was the case in The grand Day. We had played ‘Hai Junoon’ and it was a great hit.


Band Members (Midnight’s Assassin’s)


(1) Kamakhya Deori:- Guitars, Vocals,

(2) Imcan Weingken :- Guitars

(3) Lima Aao :- Drums

(4) Subrojeet  :- Drums, Precision

(5) Pawan Sahu :- Keyboard

(6) Pascal Kerketta :- Congo

(7) Arindom :- Vocals(Classical)

(8) Sushmita Karmakar:- Vocals (Western)

(9) Pragya:- Vocals

(10) Yahaiyour Rehman:- Vocals